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Commercial Locksmith Services in Houston

Royalty Locksmith is your go-to, all around locksmith company offering all kinds of commercial locksmith services for storeowners and franchisers all over the Houston area. Available 24 hours a day, all days of the week, our trusted locksmiths are always available to serve the local community of Houston.

When Your Security is At Risk, It Surely is a Tough Business Out There

Anyone who has a brick-and-mortar store in Houston is surely at risk from robbers, thieves, and scammers. The security of any store lies in the early detection and prevention of robbers that are always out to get unsuspecting cashiers. While it may be difficult for a cashier to monitor everything happening inside a store all at once, while also manning the cash register, the help of CCTV cameras as well as accompanying alarm systems will usually do the trick.

We know that as a storeowner, you can never risk any part of the business to be compromised due to opportunists who prowl the streets of Houston on a daily business. This is why our company is dedicated to strengthening the security of your business to keep any of the intruders from attacking.

Our reliable commercial locksmith services, delivered to you by our experienced and licensed locksmiths, will equip your store with all the protection that it needs—high quality cameras, secure and sturdy storefront entrance doors, theft-proof back doors, alarm systems that will be triggered by the sound of breaking glass, and so on.

Here is a list of some of our commercial locksmith services:

  • Master rekeying
  • Entry system installation
  • Surveillance equipment installation (CCTVs)
  • Realtor assistance
  • Alarm systems installations
  • Other emergency services

If you’re a business owner worrying about the security of your store, give us a call and we’ll have alarm systems set up! Or, if you recently got robbed and would like to change the alarm systems that are currently in operation, we could do that too. Here at Royalty Locksmith, our only aim is for you to have your peace of mind. We are open to any custom services you might like, and we offer one of the most competitive prices of commercial locksmith services in Houston.

No call waiting is absolutely guaranteed, together with a 30-minute waiting time if it’s urgent. We are also open to appointments on weekends.

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